Patel Architecture and RSG Homes
Announce Partnership

RSG 3-D is pleased to announce its partnership with Patel Architecture

Patel Architecture is known for pushing the boundaries of residential and commercial architecture.

"Patel / RSG 3-D Homes" will bring the modern, sustainable, humanistic style of Narendra Patel to the broad residential market. This is our contribution to enhance the public awareness towards energy efficient sustainable architecture, art and culture.

Initially, the partnership will create a series of RSG 3-D Panel homes of up to 3,000 square feet.

Our first model home is in design phase and will be built in the Southern California desert this summer.

Patel Architecture has been a leading architectural and interior design firm for more than 25 years. Headquartered in Rancho Mirage, CA, the form also has offices in Beijing and Milan.

Current projects include Luxelake in Chengdu and custom homes in Southern California.

Patel Architecture is the recipient of numerous awards for its forward-leaning designs. Among the many Gold Nugget Awards were Alta, a Palm Springs custom home development and the Henderson Center - built with RSG 3-D Panel top LEED Certification.

Patel's own offices are built with the RSG 3-D Panel Building System.

Narendra Patel commented,
"Our firm has worked with the RSG 3-D Panel for many years and we have yet to find a building material that can match it for sustainability and resilience. Our commitment to sustainable, energy efficient and healthy buildings is best pursued with RSG 3-D as partner. This is also an effort to call the attention of the building industry towards green architecture and also to propose solutions and alternatives that will be ecologically acceptable as well as economically viable. The Panel's unique structure allows architects to pursue their vision, creating shape, flow and spaces unavailable with conventional building systems.

We are excited to be working with RSG to marry our vision with its technology and together to create and showcase the future on residential design"