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Palm Springs Architecture
Modernism was born in Palm Springs
Our architecture practice is an evolution of modernism.

I had several job offers from many places upon my graduation in Architecture, but I chose Palm Springs, because I was fascinated with modernism. I worked for architect Donald Wexler for many years, before I started my own practice. I learned to be idealist, he taught me to work from my own philosophy of Modernism in architecture. As a result, wherever I design, I am able to contribute to the infinite variety of nature by being individual, creating for people. I believe that that inspiring architecture have a profound positive effect on people's lives.

Patel Architecture Inc. is a place of creation and experimentation in architecture. Design of our own office building was born from the foundation of modern Architecture in Palm Springs and evolved beyond modernism.

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Narendra Patel AIA Architect

Modernism and beyond
Palm Springs Architecture

The purpose of Architecture is to improve human life, create timeless inspiring spaces for all activities in life. Every finished project manifests a "macro to micro" level of attention, from the big ideas to the smallest details, giving coherence to the entire experience of the built site.

Palm Springs Architecture
Modern + Innovative
Techno organic Eco design

We wanted to create an earth friendly work place to showcase environmental building ideas, and to test energy, water and material efficiency. The design of our office building and the adjoining Performing Arts building is our contribution to enhance the public awareness towards energy efficient sustainable architecture, art and culture.

Palm Springs
Modern + Forward thinking
Palm Springs Architecture
Beyond Modernism

The architecture of this house was meant to be crisp and contemporary, forward thinking and fit for the Desert. We believe that a well designed house should catch you with a wink and leave you with a smile. Our goal was to create modern design that attract and inspire.
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